Summer, you’re beautiful! Finally, some down time for an update.

The Critter Project was most recently on display at Perspectives Art and Design in Ellicott City, where quite a few critters were adopted. The farthest critter now lives in Sonoma, CA! Before Ellicott City, the critters were in Southbridge, Massachussets, as part of a group show called Life Forms curated by a dear friend and talented artist, Melissa Parent.

Though my pace has slowed, I’m still loving working on this endeavor, and have started a new mini-series on paper (prints to come soon!).









IMG_3767 (1)




A Long Overdue Update

I’ve been so busy making,showing, teaching, living, and breathing art that I haven’t updated in months! Below is a smattering of stuff that I’ve been working on.

I’m currently showing select works at Perspectives Art and Design in Ellicott City, and I’ve got 20+ works on display at Boys Latin School of Maryland’s Smith Hall Gallery through December and into January.

I’ll have many 4×4 mini blocks (a sample shown as the group of four below), assorted prints, and some 6×6 inch and larger framed 2D originals for sale at the Ping Pong Craft Night at The Laughing Pint on Saturday, December 5th, and I’ll also have lots of stuff at MICA’s Art Market December 9-12th. It’s been a blast to show my work off in so many places!

Also, I’ve still got lots of fine art prints available on my etsy:



August Critters

Its’ bittersweet to return to work. I love my job, I adore my students, and without them, the Critter Project might not even exist. Despite a definite slow down in amount of work, I’m still cranking out pieces that I’m proud of. Here’s what I’ve been working on this month.

2010-02-11 21.21.28 2015-08-21 13.55.35 2015-08-16 16.58.06 2015-08-10 10.11.29 IMG_1379 (1)

BIG! (And Little)

So, BIG news! I now have an Etsy account! Link Below. I’m excited to be offering limited editions of two lovely watercolor giclee prints of my work. Check it out!

In the spirit of big, here’s a space elephant that I really enjoyed working on. And because I also love little things, Below is a picture of a mini giraffe panel that I made for a client who couldn’t quite afford the larger panel, but really wanted a long-necked space dude of her own.
IMG_0957 IMG_0928

Trixie the Opossum

Opossums are not possums, despite commonly being called possums. Possums are native to Australia and the surrounding islands, while opossums live in the western hemisphere. Now you know! You can still call them possums, though, everyone else does. Here’s a cute little opossum in space!



Two critters on one panel? Yes. I’m having fun intersecting, combining, and narrating reflections of critters. I think I’m going back into the space series for a bit, but I’m definitely having fun with these, too.

IMG_0554 IMG_0568 IMG_0616 IMG_0649

Puffin Commission

I made this little 6×6 inch puffin for my coworker, Natalie. She’s planning to hang him with photos from her Icelandic travels! I’m so lucky to be able to work with people with such fantastic ideas.


New Space Critters

Though I’ve been working in a much different vein this week, I did knock out a couple more space critters before making the transition! I absolutely adore working on these galactic backgrounds, and it’s been fun to create planets in my own style. I have a feeling more space critters will emerge at some point, but for now I’m moving forward. I can’t wait to post some of what I’ve been working on lately! Well, yes I can…

2015-07-11 14.16.02 2015-07-09 11.53.50-2

Big and Little Birds

While on family vacation, I had a chance to play around with working super tiny (4×4 inches!), and I was able to finish a hummingbird for my grandmother, who was devastated that the hummingbird at my LP show sold before she could snatch it. Working small is so challenging for me, but it was a great learning experience! I’m back to larger pieces and loving the extra space.

2015-07-02 20.24.38-2 2015-07-03 12.41.12-2 2015-07-04 11.00.57 2015-07-06 12.15.48-1