Critters in Space

I’ve started out my summer break of art making by working on these space-dwelling critters. It’s fun to play around with the possibilities of a critter who lives beyond the earth’s surface. Can they breathe? Have they adapted? What planets surround them in this new critterverse? With more narrative potential, I’ve been working on larger surfaces as well. 8X8 and 10X10 inch panels have become my new favorite sizes to work on. I’ve also been playing around with working quite small, but I’ll save that for another post.

All pictured pieces, except for the squirrel, are available for purchase. Unsold work from this series will be shown in Baltimore this September- Details TBA. IMG_7312 2015-07-06 08.52.46 2015-07-06 08.57.59 IMG_0093 IMG_0108 IMG_0150 IMG_0226

Catching up

Phew! I’ve been in art-flow mode for many, many weeks now. Even after my show, I’ve been busy with commissioned work, and developing a mini-series of space critters. I’ll save those for a later post. Here’s some of what I made during May and early June, in no specific order. Some originals may still be for sale at The Laughing Pint in Highlandtown, but most critters have been adopted. I’m hoping to work on making prints of some of my favorites as soon as the school year is over.

2015-05-25 18.54.442015-06-10 14.11.15IMG_6880 2015-05-27 20.13.26 2015-05-31 12.29.36-1 2015-06-01 17.49.38-1 2015-06-04 15.40.28 2015-06-04 19.16.55 2015-06-06 10.18.23
IMG_6883IMG_6890 IMG_6892 IMG_6903 IMG_6913

Fletch and News!

Fletch is the last critter that I will be posting until the second week of June. Why, you ask? Because I will be showing my entire project so far at the Laughing Pint in Highlandtown, Baltimore. The Show opens June 6th and will be up for about a month. I’m so excited to show everyone my critters in person, and I hope to have a lot of unseen work to show. Fletch is not as excited as I am, because he’s grumpy, and also because he’s just a painting of a fish on a panel of wood.



Hummingbirds have such stunning coloration. It was hard to capture the iridescent paint that I used in some areas. I loved using white acrylic paint to create a pale working surface for the background. IMG_6796

Maris and Snag

These two critters pushed my patience. I love to work fast, but their intricate textures slowed me down. I actually really loved layering the marks and adding minimal color. I think there will be more sea creatures in my future. I’m also going to need some new sharpie pens.

IMG_6768 IMG_6674

A few nights ago, I had one of those visually vivid dreams that really sticks with you. I’ve been sick, and I hate feeling under the weather, but I do find that a good head cold makes for some great dream imagery. I dreamt that my husband and I bought a new house without really looking through all of the rooms.

Our new home was magnificently huge and very diversely decorated. The kitchen was full of old, pastel colored furnishings and appliances, and the living room had what seemed like thousands of different tapestries lining the floors and walls. Right before waking up, I noticed that high above me, near the top of our vaulted ceilings, there was a staircase leading into the mouth of an animal. I woke up before I could see exactly what kind of animal it was, so I was happy to take the liberty of making it a white tiger for this panel.

2015-04-18 17.47.13

Excitingly, this is panel 25/100! Though I doubt I will actually stop at 100, this is a big milestone. Below are a couple of group photos of the first 25 critters in the series.

2015-04-18 18.15.19-2 2015-04-18 18.18.16


Everyone loves Moss, because sheep look cute when they have their tongues sticking out. I had fun blending permapaque paint pens on this one, and I really loved working loosely with line and color to match his relaxed personality.